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How many times have you needed to find a particular font for a special project? Comercial artists, Web designers, graphic artist and trainers are among the people who are in constant need of specific fonts for conveying different kinds of messages. If you are one of such professionals or simply want to enlarge your font collection, then this program will prove very useful for you. It features literally hundreds of new and ingenious fonts that can match almost any type of project, however unusual. Also, it is very easy to use. It is composed by three panels. The left one shows you all the fonts already installed in your system, and gives you the ability to disable any of them automatically. The right panel shows the new fonts included in the program. From here, you can activate the font you need. The center panel shows a preview of the font you have chosen in any of the panels, thus facilitating the selection of the fonts.
As with other programs by this company, the downloading and installation processes are carried out via InstallQ software, which is Freeze.com's installation manager. Please note that during the installation process, the wizard suggests you to install other software. Nevertheless, you can decline to do so and still have the program you choose.

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